The Gold Standard

In Disinfection

Cleaning and Deep Cleaning may appear to ‘do the job’ but they only offer a basic level of protection from health hazards such as mould spores, bacteria, viruses (for example, COVID-19) and other harmful pathogens.

SteraMist sterilisation provides the Gold Standard in health protection, with technology originally developed by the US dept. of defence to protect workers from weaponised anthrax. It is the most effective, safe and eco-friendly decontamination treatment available, used throughout the world and across a wide variety of industries including food production, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, education, transport, and many more.

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Basic Cleaning

  • Defined as cleaning down with a cleaning cloth, using a domestic category cleaner typically purchased from a supermarket
  • May remove 99.9% of visible dirt and residues from surfaces but has no effect on airborne contaminants
  • Typically leaves behind 40%-60% of harmful contaminants*

Deep Cleaning

  • Defined as cleaning with a more advanced commercial cleaning
    product, to a potential 99.99% efficacy
  • Typically applied with fogging sprayers but requiring to be left
    ‘wet’ on surfaces to dwell for at least 15 minutes to have any significant effect
  • Most products contain aggressive and potentially harmful chemicals such as Ammonia, Chlorine and
    Esters which can cause serious respiratory issues and other health
    problems such as skin and upper respiratory tract irritation
  • Typically leaves behind up to 10% of harmful contaminants*
  • Market-leading sterilisation using Cold Plasma ARC technology and 7.8% Hydrogen Peroxide BIT solution
  • Fine mist acts like a gas and spreads everywhere, disinfecting the air and
    all surfaces, incl. inside ductwork
  • Kills mould and bacteria, inactivates viruses and other pathogens, and
    knocks down chemical VOCs and MVOCs in <5 seconds
  • Environmentally friendly, leaving no residues – the fine mist converts to
    oxygen & water, dispersing in a few
  • Disinfects to surgical grade, hospital standards of 99.9999% efficacy
  • Cleanliness is validated with a certified laboratory report
  • Typically removes all harmful contaminants*

*Contaminants include; micro-organisms such as mould / fungi, bacteria, algae, viruses and other pathogens; and chemical contaminants such as mycotoxins, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), microbial VOCs (MVOCs), formaldehyde and dioxins.


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