How it Works

Key Benefits

The non-abrasive nature of cryo-blasting makes it the only safe choice for the cleaning of ornate stone and architectural features in historical/heritage buildings, it is also the only safe method for soot removal from asbestos containing materials, as the dry ice never actually touches the surface of the ACM

Cryo-blasting is as powerful as solvent cleaning BUT has less environmental impact when used to remove dirt, soot and smoke odour

Since cryo-blasting is non-conductive it is used to remove contaminants from delicate electrical equipment; all surfaces remain completely dry throughout the process and downtime for production equipment is
drastically reduced

Mould remediation can now be 100% successful, as cryo-blasting reduces the surface temperature to -79C and all microbial growth is destroyed
dry ice blasting comparison

Cryo-blasting creates a micro thermal shock that breaks down the bond between the contaminant layer and the substrate. High pressure air then removes the contaminants as the media sublimates to carbon dioxide


  • Fire Damage Restoration on Bricks / Wood
  • Mould Remediation
  • Historic / Heritage Buildings
  • ACM decontamination
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Food / Drink / Print / Production Equipment
  • Hospitals / Public Buildings
  • Hotels / Restaurant Equipment


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