WHITE KNIGHT Enviroforensics provides valuable scientific data on any chemical and bio-hazards present and allows the appropriate decontamination strategy


Laboratory analysis includes identification of chemical and bio-contaminants from samples supplied in bulk, swab or dust collection formats. 

Following a fire or water damage, buildings and personal property can be affected by chemical and biological hazards, and other microscopic contaminants, that may be a cause of concern and a risk to human health. 


Mould Testing

Bulk Surface Sampling for Mycometer Lab Analysis

Mycometer testing quantifies mould by the measurement of enzyme activity present in spores and hyphae.

From £125

Bio-tape Lift Sampling

Standardised sampling method for the determination of mould, microbial and inorganic dust contamination.

From £145

Air-O-Cell Air Sampling

Air-O-Cell sampling allows rapid collection of airborne particulates, followed by microscopic analysis of the impacted samples.

From £145

Hygiena Tests

Bacteria Swab Testing

We provide test swabs for a range of different bacterial species such as E.coli, Coliform, Salmonella, etc....

From £125

ATP Swab Testing

ATP hygiene monitoring is used to provide accurate results that define, monitor & maintain cleaning standards within a facility.

From £125

TVC Swab Testing

TVC/Aerobic Colony Count is a basic measure of bacterial activity on a surface sample.

From £125

Other Analyses

Insect Identification / 3D Observation

On-site micro-vacuum sampling and then using stereo microscopy can identify what insects are present and speciate the samples.

From £150


We perform cleaning and analysis to IESO / RIA Standard 6001 using the Elcometer 135C Bresle Test Patch method to determine the concentration of soluble chloride salts on uncoated surfaces in accordance with the ISO 8502-6 test method.

From £150

Soot / Char Microscopy

Analysis and evaluation of highly toxic and carcinogenic contaminants remaining from fire or smoke damage at a property.

From £145