Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice blasting – market leading, environmentally safe fire damage restoration. Removes soot, dirt and contamination from buildings and production equipment without any substrate damage

Why we use Dry Ice Blasting

The introduction of Dry Ice Blasting technology in our business in 2008 revolutionised our ability to effectively remove fire damage soot deposits from wood, stone, concrete and brick surfaces and in our mould remediation work, dry-ice kills mould and bacteria on contact. 
At −78.5 °C Cryo-blasting does not use water so we can safely clean electrical production equipment without the need to even shut off the power, reducing downtime and costs for our clients. The system is not only 100% safe but completely eliminates the use of harmful chemicals or the use of our most precious resource – water!  
Dry ice blasting helps us decontaminate and restore structures from harmful carcinogens, removes contamination deposits from food production and manufacturing equipment without any substrate damage, whilst still achieving our goal of the long term sustainability of our planet. 
Dry ice blasting timbers
dry ice blasting comparison


  • Dry ice blasting involves propelling 3mm CO2 pellets at extremely high speeds onto contaminated surfaces. 
  • Upon impact, the pellets sublimate almost immediately; this sublimation process leaves no residue to clean up or damaging water byproducts, so it can be used directly on all forms of electrical equipment in commercial production and medical facilities. 
  • The pellets are relatively soft and much less dense than other media such as bicarbonate of soda or sand; the nonabrasive nature of dry-ice and the absence of secondary waste from the cleaning process makes it perfect for conservation and heritage renovation projects. 

Chemical free, leaves no residue, removes harmful deposits without water, protects underlying substrates 

Who could benefit from Dry Ice Blasting?

Dry ice blasting can benefit both commercial businesses and clients in multiple ways:

  1. It is much more efficient than traditional cleaning methods, cutting down on downtime and increasing productivity.
  2. It is completely chemical-free, which means that it is safe for both your employees and the environment.
  3. It leaves no residue and will not damage any of your equipment, saving you the cost of repairs or replacement. 
  4. Lastly, it can be used on a range of surfaces, such as machinery, electronics, and even food processing equipment, making it a versatile cleaning option. 
So anyone requiring decontamination in the food production, automotive, manufacturing industry could benefit from our services. We primarily make use of dry ice blasting for the removal of mould on remediation projects and  soot particulate removal on fire damage projects. However, we take on a variety of interesting projects like the antique boat varnish stripping shown below!

Why Choose Us?

As an environmental and sustainability focused business; we have sought to use the most effective methods to restore buildings, equipment and personal property with the least impact on our environment. Our investment in new innovative technologies has helped us to achieve our goals in minimising our use of harmful chemicals.