Purpose & Values

When disaster strikes in your home or commercial premises, WHITE KNIGHT is here to come ‘to the rescue‘ providing immediate practical help and support to get you back on your feet…

We Understand

We know that life can be great one minute, but then, in an instant can be completely turned upside down and made incredibly stressful – you may have experienced a fire or flood, or discovered mould growth or another environmental issue within your home or workplace and feel overwhelmed…

We completely understand that these type of events can be daunting, worrying and unsettling but please do not despair – WHITE KNIGHT are here to help with practical solutions, using years of experience to gain a detailed understanding of your needs and then put in place a clear and proportionate plan of action to provide a full resolution.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to safely restore your property and possessions to the highest possible standards, using eco-friendly techniques and sustainable, responsible and ethical business practices. We aim to provide the best possible service and put your needs first – we operate with complete transparency and will always take the time to fully explain our methods and procedures.

Our teams are friendly and approachable but also very professional – we are serious about the work that we do and take great pride in being the best in the business. We understand that the work we do is key in helping to put your life back in order and so we’ll always act in a way that is befitting of this great responsibility.

Our Values

As a market leading provider of decontamination and disaster restoration services, it is of vital importance to the WHITE KNIGHT team to uphold strong values that guide our business strategy and day-to-day activities. The following four core values are central to what we do and are embraced by all WHITE KNIGHT colleagues…

1. Integrity

This means we are honest, respectful and morally trustworthy in all that we do. Our people are recruited carefully, trained and qualified to the highest standards, meaning that they will not let you down.

2. Innovation

We look for ways to optimise our service, performance and efficiency by improving processes and embracing new technology and methods. By innovating and staying ahead of the curve, we are able to offer you the very highest levels of service and achieve the absolute best results.

3. Sustainability

We only use eco-friendly products and sustainable methods, standing against the use of potentially harmful chemicals that are often seen in our industry. We ensure that waste products are disposed of responsibly and that we utilise our resources efficiently. We strive to source green consumable items, low power equipment and new technologies to carry out our services with minimal environmental impact.

4. passion for quality

We know how important your property, environment and possessions are to you and so we always strive to deliver the highest standard of service. Further to this, our people have an innate passion for quality and attention to detail to ensure you receive the highest standard of work, not just because of the satisfaction and peace of mind it gives, but also because it's the right thing to do.