Medical Grade Infection Control

SteraMist provides the highest level of ‘on contact’ disinfection with complete customer/employee safety 



SteraMist acts like a harmless gas and gets everywhere, completely safe on computers, phones and electrical equipment.


We decontaminate cars and emergency vehicles fast with SteraMist typically 10-15 minutes with the interior and all vents treated.

Public Spaces

SteraMist protects people in airports and other public areas, ionised mist wraps around surfaces, reducing the chance of infection.


SteraMist is the GOLD Standard in clinical disinfection in hospitals, ambulances, operating theatres, even PPE, fast acting to 6-LOG (99.9999%).

Aircraft Cabin

SteraMist protects passengers by treating seats, overhead bins, trays, toilets and air conditioning vents - ionised mist wraps around all surfaces.

Crime Scene

SteraMist is the market leading solution for trauma / crime scene clean up and disinfection, eliminating odours and pathogens on contact.

SteraMist mimics nature's disinfectant

In the upper atmosphere nature creates Hydroxyl Ions. The Hydroxyl radical (OH) is a highly reactive species and is often referred to as “natures disinfectant” because it reacts with many pollutants, oxidising and decomposing them. 
SteraMist creates those same ions in a mist that acts like a harmless gas, getting everywhere and destroying bacteria and pathogens on contact, leaving no residue or chemical contamination.